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Drew Andrews LP release -  FRIDAY JULY 13th at Soda Bar.

Drew Andrews LP release -  FRIDAY JULY 13th at Soda Bar.

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10 year anniversary approaches

I think ten years in is a good time to start taking this label seriously.

I mean, shit, I started this money pit when I was just 21, how the fuck did I think that was gonna go?  Well, actually, I thought it was gonna go great.  I was a kid, with a dream, and a heaping spoonful of overconfidence.

Unfortunately, I had no clue how to run a record label, and no clue what was in store for the music industry.

It was January of 2002.  CDs had only just begun their decline.  iTunes was still a year away from launching (and several years from anyone taking it seriously).  File-sharing was limited to a few nerds in your dorm.  There was no Myspace, no Facebok, no Twitter.

Most importantly, gas was still about $1.50.  

Piling in the van with two bands and no real money was doable.  The little money we’d make from the shows could at least get us to the next city.  Now, it costs $100 to get from LA to SF, and at least $200 to get to Portland from there.  Sure, you can stop in Arcata on the way up to get some good weed and play a weird show on a Monday night, but that’s a couple hours out of your way.  Anyways, I digress, the point is, times have changed.

Food is more expensive, rent is more expensive, and bands are making less.

Touring aint cheap.  Selling music aint easy. 

Living music is hard.

I’ve seen many a brother and sister musician succumb to the financial perils of our artform over the last decade.  Whether it’s the lure of regular raises and health benefits at trader joe’s, a rightfully incredulous significant other, or simply the sinking realization that sleeping on a different stranger’s couch in a different city every night isn’t for everyone… this lifestyle eats people alive and sends them running for the cover of a semi-predictable existence.

Fear not though, cause some things haven’t changed.

Me and a bunch of my friends still can’t think of a single other thing we’d rather do with our lives.   So we’re gonna keep making music, and I’m gonna keep trying to tell people about it. 

My gut reaction to seeing an amazing band will always be “everyone in the world needs to know how fucking good this band is, right now.”  For better or worse, I love working with bands and putting out records.  So deal with it.  I have to.

Here’s what we have planned so far for 10 year anniversary celebrations in February.

Wed 2/8/12 - Brad Lee DJ’ing all SD music all night at Starlite (Sezio Wednesday)
Sat 2/11/12 - Goodbye Blue Monday + Via Satellite + TBA at Casbah
Sun 2/12/12 - John Meeks/Joanie Mendenhall + Via Satellite (acoustic) + Chairs Missing @ Luce Loft (Sezio presents)

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Preview the first single from Drew Andrews upcoming 12” EP, Goddamn, Yes I’m For Real.  Pre-order it at the merch page!

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San Diego is Burning!

Our 2004 compilation, San Diego is Burning, is now available on San Diego is Burning - Various Artists

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See Goodbye Blue Monday Feb 11, 2012 @ the Casbah.

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