Founded by San Diego-based musician Brad Lee in 2002, Loud+Clear Records is a boutique label that puts the music of hardworking bands into the ears of a savvy public. The L+C catalog includes Writer, John Meeks, Chairs Missing and Mrs. Magician as well as releases by seminal San Diego acts Goodbye Blue Monday, Via Satellite, Manuok, and the 2004 compilation, “San Diego is Burning.” L+C is currently focused on limited edition EPs, 7-inches and other collectible releases.

We listen to everything.  You can send an email to the address above, or send a package to:

Loud + Clear Records
ATTN: Brad Lee
4096 1st Ave
San Diego, CA 92103

HELPFUL HINT:  Include your tour history and/or plans. 

Even a little label like L+C receives a ton of demos, so we do not have time to respond to each submission individually.  If you would like a well thought-out, timely and HONEST response to your music, you can send a paypal payment of $10 to (be sure to include your band name in the notes field), or include a check made out to “Loud + Clear Records” in your package.